My Boring, Effortless Poster

Dr. Oblivion is missing

This is such embarrassingly sloppy work that I’d almost rather have posted nothing at all. I was “learning” how to use Aviary while making this, and when I say “learning” I mean trying to figure out how to do stuff and, upon realizing that I didn’t know enough about the site to do anything creative, I just said to hell with it and used the few tools I could figure out. Hopefully, before the next project is done I’ll either get better acquainted with Aviary, or somehow find a better, easier image editing site.

I feel completely lost right now. Even things that should be easy – like adding plug-ins to WordPress – are to me extremely frustrating and confusing. I can’t even use the excuse that this is a new world to me, since I already spent 90% of my free time on the internet before taking this class. How could have spent so much time on the internet without ever learning these basic things about using it?

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  1. David Gurri says:

    Thanks for the suggestions, guys – I’ll be sure to check out all three of those.

  2. David Gurri says:

    Yeah, I thought of that while writing the post. The transition from casual observer to active creator will be tough, but I’m sure it will be worth it.

  3. Alan Liddell says:

    Failing Picnik or Pixlr, you could always try Picasa. It’s free, it’s from Google (and so is Picnik, if I’m not mistaken). I know for a fact that nobody in DS 106 would object to you reaching out for some pointers on how to use any of them. Best of luck in the future.

  4. Adam says:

    Hey David,

    If Aviary doesn’t work out for your, give pixlr a try. It’s pretty good, and I think pretty intuitive.

  5. Jim Groom says:

    The other thing is it couldn’t be that effortless if you were trying to figure out Aviary, that takes a tremendous amount of effort, what’s more it takes the ability to return to it in order to crack the nut. Doing this stuff should be like a game. Completing a level is never easy, you fail and fail and fail until you figure it out. It takes hours sometimes, but the satisfaction is real.

  6. Jim Groom says:


    ds106 is all about process, and posts like this capture the frustrations and realizationsbrilliantly. YOu are doing the work, even though it feels painful. Another image editing service online, though far simpler than aviary, is It is quite good for simple text, image cropping, resizing, etc. Though not so good for creating a poster. In fact, the poster assignment is somewhat difficult given you have to create a canvas, and if you want to retry this assignment I would say keep playing and you can always revisit it. Proess, challenging yourself, and creating something you can stand behind—it’s all a matter of struggle, no one ever said the creative process was easy. And what’s more, the internet is a vast space, and I think we all always have so much more to learn about how it works, this class is just one, miniscule opportunity–glad you are sticking with it.

  7. Dr. Oblivion says:

    Good sir, part of this voyage called ds106 is one of making a sturdy and seaworthy boat to sail upon the ocean we call the internet.

    “I can’t even use the excuse that this is a new world to me, since I already spent 90% of my free time on the internet before taking this class.”

    You say “on” the internet, but what if you could be “creating” the internet? And so you are, even now, with the very things you have learned in three days time. You will no longer just view the internet. You will be its creator. And I know you will like that feeling. Having created this Dr. Oblivion from the threads of the web, tied them together into new forms, I can command this thing. That is good.

  8. Cheryl Colan says:

    Well the great thing is, this course is really about pushing yourself and trying new things. You dove in even though it was frustrating, and now you have an experience you can build on. The next time you try Aviary you don’t start from scratch, you start with what you learned today and build on it. Maybe you seek out a tutorial or two first. And after a few more tries you won’t believe you had so much trouble with it. Same with WordPress and other aspects of the way you can use the internet. You need to be able to learn the thing you need when you need it, and discard it in favor of something else if / when the original thing no longer serves your vision. So in that sense you totally nailed it. Onward.