The Mushroom Kingdom Awaits

Making a “minimalist” poster with 8-bit NES sprites is tricky, since the sprites are already pretty minimalist to begin with. Solution: make everything black (sans one question mark). Also add some clouds in there for good measure. The blocks are in there to make it clear that this is from a Mario game; otherwise it would be hard to tell that those big black things are giant mushrooms.

I took a graphic art class back in high school, and I really wish I remembered anything from it. To be fair, we mostly used non-free programs like Photoshop, and I made the above picture with pixlr (I only have Photoshop on my old, slow computer), but many of the tools are the same. Maybe this would take even longer to learn without that class? This wasn’t too hard to make, for the most part, but I hadn’t realized it would be that small. Oh well. (EDIT: apparently that’s just for this page – click on the image and you get a full-sized one. Huh.)

Anyways, the Mushroom Kingdom seems like it might be a fun place to visit, if you can get past all the killer turtles.

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  1. David Gurri says:

    Ha, believe it or not, those ARE the mushrooms in the game – they’re ripped sprites, I just made them black. Maybe you’re talking about the actual clouds?

  2. Andrej says:

    I like the mario theme, I would have tried to create the mushrooms to look a little more like in the game. they look like clouds, sort of? I have a mac and GIMP is a cool program that lets you use a layer feature.

  3. Jim says:

    Big fan or mario, and this is 8-bit through and through. Another tool you might want to experiment with as we move into design as well is Aviary ( it is a basic Photoshop Light (there is online for free as well). What’s more you can always download GIMP or Photoshop trial version.

    What this poster needs is something to delineate the squares and mushrooms, other than that it is eprect.