Link Earns Another Item

<a Zelda sound effect story by Nowhereman91

A Legend of Zelda-inspired sound effects story. Link fights an enemy, kills it, and gets an item for his troubles. I don’t know why killing an enemy (in this case, a Stalfos) makes treasure chests magically appear, but it’s best not to think about such things too hard. All sound effects are from here, except the two musical tracks, which I got from here. It’s really amazing how much effort people put into making sure that absolutely everything in existence can be found somewhere on the Internet. There are sound effects for pretty much every single sound in every single Zelda game out there just in case someone happens to need them.

Learning new image-editing tools was one thing – I was already used to Photoshop, so it was a matter of time before I got the hang of other things like it. Sound editing is a different matter. I have absolutely no experience in this, and basically had to learn everything from scratch. It was a big problem, then, when all of the tutorials were about editing sound created from the microphone, when I was trying to figure out how to put together sounds found on the Internet. I did it, eventually… but it took a while.

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  1. leelzebub says:

    Hell yes!!! This gets two thumbs up in my book. <3 link.

  2. Excy says:

    Great job, totally thought I was playing!